How do you draw your prints?
I draw digitally on my iPad with the Apple Pencil and I use a variety of different of applications!

What's the best way to print the standard digital prints?
The files that I send you are PDF documents with the exact inches of the print size. I highly recommend printing on white card stock! Make sure to select "US Letter" as your paper type and do not have "fit to page" selected" - it is already sized for the proper dimensions.

I've found that places like FedEx/Kinkos and Staples are able to print very easily as long as you have the file with you.

In terms of cutting the paper to the correct size, I strongly encourage you to use one of those straight edge cutters (available at both FedEx & Staples) because you will be able to cut as straight as possible as well as measure correctly!

For the prints with white space, there is a gray border that is your guide to cutting.


What's the best way to print the large digital prints?
The file that I send you is a high resolution image file. I've found that Staples & Costco have pretty affordable prices for printing large posters. All you need to do is upload/send your image and they will handle the printing!